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Publication at METALOCUS magazine

The project Loft Renovation, belonging to our Multiplying Architectures is published this week in METALOCUS magazine. We really appreciate the interest! Here is the link to the new:


Bricks coming up

Our project for a singular housing COTOS HOUSE has begun to emerge… Take a look to the images!

And you can see the future project here.

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Three of our latest projects are published at Tectónica blog

Very grateful to Tectónica blog for publishing some of our last projects… Loft in Avenida de América, Duplicated Renovation and Low Cost Renovation… Please take a look at the link!


Construction works begin at Z House

Brick wall, darkness and a light bulb. We are glad for beginning the construction works for our latest singular housing renovation…

We will let you know the advances… Be alert!


Beginning september with a new project!

After vacations, nothing better than new projects… This renovation consists on a apartment of aroung 80 m² where our work will be a complete demolition and new construction of all areas. With the goal of getting all light and adaptability, we only build an interior box for the bathrooms and kitchen. The rest will be open and versatil. Wooden movable doors will give the possibility of closing the spaces depending on possible needs.

Our special work will be the transformation of a obsolete terrace and its convertion into a Winter Garden, an area with many possibilities and capable of being constantly transformed. Ceramic floors and the use of wallpaper, as the design of a long wooden sit and table, try to give an in-between caracter to a conditioned space, but with the possibility of being opened completely to the great urban landscape surrounding the house.

Waiting for your comments!


Last renovation finished!

With this project for a musician at the center of Madrid, we are presenting the fourth part of our Multiplying Architectures. In this case, we worked over a too fragmented and dark previous situation, typical of ground floors at historical centers. After a detailed study of the existent wooden structure, our first intention was making stronger the most characteristic visual elements, that are the structure and the brick walls. Openness was the main tool for introducing light and multiply internal uses at the most public part of the housing; the most important spaces, so, fulfill the most important needs (living, dinning, kitchen) depending of furniture, but also supply infinite multiplication of posible functions. Contrasting to it, the room, bath and closets are placed on the contrary part of the house.

Here you will find the full report!


A house by architects for architects… Low-cost, for sure

This is one of the few occasions where architects have the opportunity for designing a house for themselves.  The position of being client and designer at a time puts oneself in a complicated position of having to define and decide everything, knowing all possibilities and complexities (what is even worse, with the unbearable need of having to decide at every time), but also with all freedom for deciding anything, what is absolutely great.

What is clear is that we now understand better than ever the marvelous and at the same time complex relation between architect and client… And another thing we are sure about is that we are really happy with the results!

For seeing the full report, please click here!


New renovation Project next to the sea!

Here we have our latest Project of Multiplying Architectures, an apartment that can change from 2 to 3 bedrooms with just one simple movement! We hope you like it!×2-home/


New Project on the top of a hillside!

Here are some images of our latest singular housing project! It is Located on a privileged spot with amazing views at a beautiful reservoir. The dialogue between landscape and architecture has been present throughout the project’s creative process giving rise to a house that merges with nature and, at the same time, gets away from it in order to look at amazing wiews. We hope you like it!



Last renovation with northern accent!

Today we are showing our last renovation project, still in initial phases. It is a galician singular housing, with garden and guest house that require a whole work, from their facilities to their facades and roof. In the interior, ground floor is destined to allocate common areas, with the two levels living room as the main space, in direct communication with the garden thanks to a large window that breaks the corner of the existent house and introduces garden life to the interior, one of the first goals from the beginning. Fireplace is used as a dividing element, allowing openness and spaceness, but at the same time separating functions like the living and dinning or kitchen.

Wood is chosen as the material that gives warmth to new spaces, contrasting interior life and natural textures to the sober abstract and white box that is the traditional building. Its three floors will be connected by means of the sculptural stair, a great wooden block that breaks vertically the slabs and establish diagonal visual relations among the floors, breaking so the closeness of the previous configuration.

We expect to have the project in a few weeks, and we will tell you the evolution of the construction works!

More images in the next link!



Final images for our last housing design… the Duplicated Renovation

We have the final images for our Duplicated Renovation… A recreation of the rooftops of Madrid in a warm wooden interior in an attic renovation in Madrid. The bad existent situation required a complete work in its interior. Contrary to the idea of increasing horizontaly, our project uses existent height to create an elevated space, multiplying uses vertically. Contrasting with the neutral white floor and furniture, the ceiling, stairs and upper space are made by wood, giving a warm character to the interior. The wooden ceiling is the main role of the project, being designed by means of triangular geometries that reminds us to the rooftops of the traditional Madrid that can be seen from the house, breaking the visual frontier between interior and exterior. Main window is made with a double frame made by steel to be used from interior and exterior, being able to go out to a terrace with amazing views over Madrid, this time under a wooden sky.

You can have all the information in the link:

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New renovation project in La Latina!

Let´s do it! The renovation has already begun, we have taken the hammer and started with the demolition, we will keep you informed of the progress…

Here is the link of the project, we hope you like it!!

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New project near a lake!

PRIVILEGED LOCATION, this new singular housing project is situated by a lake on a large plain surrounded by olive trees and poplars. Here we show you some visualizations and planes at the link… Hope you like them!

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Preview photographies from our Attic Remodel

A small sample of how the Attic Remodel is going on, What do you think about the new deck?. Soon we will share the photos of the whole project!

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Last photographies from César Galicia House

More than 20 TONS OF STEEL are taking shape!!

First images of our latest project!


Continue evolving our latest housing project: from the first models to visualizations. Here is the link to some of our exterior views… We hope you like it!

Photography_Renovation in Espronceda


New photography report! This time, a renovation in Madrid, by Estudio Arquesta!

The full report, here:


Last project finished! Loft Renovation… MULTIPLYING ARCHITECTURES (II)!

This is the final report of our Loft Renovation, the second Case Study of MULTIPLYING ARCHITECTURES!!! To see all information, with drawings and photographs, please click on the link:

We hope you like it!!!


ARQUITECTURAS QUE MULTIPLICAN_logoMULTIPLYING ARCHITECTURES is a design project by idearch-studio that works on present housing, searching for elements of a minimum materiality, but maximum transformation of internal life of the house, with the goal of thinking a new way of using contemporary housing in relation with its new models of users.

We work with very simple elements, those that belong to everybody’s memory in their houses, giving them new alternative functions, and so multiplying the internal uses of the house.

So far, MULTIPLYING ARCHITECTURES has worked on next specific projects:





Spring at Casa César Galicia!

Spring is coming to La Berzosa! Today, we considered as finished the structure… and the beginning of the envelope!