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CityLIFE Challenge

These are the visualizations we submitted for the CityLife Challenge, the third Architectural Visualization Challenge organized by Ronen Bekerman, which goal was exploring and creating an image about urban way of living, represented in two different seasons.

We worked on the Urban Voids as those places to be inhabited that I imagine with a feasible and utopic vision at the same time…  Showing how living congested cities in non-traditional ways is the final goal of this work.

These places have the peculiarity of being really close to city centers, and that’s something important we tried to express in the visualizations. So the background is very important to be taken care of in this case. The visualization then, reflects that relation between something far away and the closeness. I intended water, interior and exterior have the same relations…

These elements have to be mixed so that interior life and nearby exterior are directly related. That’s why the bath and the lake are so important. They talk about an element (water) that can be used to clean, enjoy, be seen and even relate with something remote.

The terrace is used as an element of appropiation, something that is used by a person living the interior and exterior whenever is chosen.

The perspective in the image is chosen so that limits are not perceived in the visualization. This intended confussion tries to make people think about new possibilities of understanding housing and urban living.

These are the 29 Finalists of the Challenge, where you can see our images

And this is the winners announcement

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