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Joaquín interviewed at La Opinión newspaper

“We always work on spaces with special opportunities, that can have an interesting potential either over academic and social field.”

Joaquín is interviewed today at La Opinión newspaper, talking about his work as professor at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria with the project placed in the interesting city of A Coruña and its port. Due to the movement of the main instalations outside the city, new opportunities emerge and architecture must be there!

Here is the link!

  • Publicacion Cafe Sacai_01
  • Publicacion Cafe Sacai_02
  • Publicacion Cafe Sacai_03

Publication of our photographies at Artbox International

Publication of our photographies for the Café Sacai by Murashige Architects at Artbox International Vol. 28… You can buy it now at Amazon!*Version*=1&*entries*=0


ARQUITECTURAS QUE MULTIPLICAN_logoMULTIPLYING ARCHITECTURES is a design project by idearch-studio that works on present housing, searching for elements of a minimum materiality, but maximum transformation of internal life of the house, with the goal of thinking a new way of using contemporary housing in relation with its new models of users.

We work with very simple elements, those that belong to everybody’s memory in their houses, giving them new alternative functions, and so multiplying the internal uses of the house.

So far, MULTIPLYING ARCHITECTURES has worked on next specific projects:




Presentation of a 3d printer in our office

IMPRESORA3DYesterday we had a presentation of a printer 3d in our office! We made a key-ring with the project of the housing of Luna street…


Joaquín, PhD ARCHITECT – Outstanding CUM LAUDE!!!

PhD ARCHITECT – Outstanding Cum Laude!!!

Many thanks to the members of the Jury for the assistance and great commentaries: José María Ezquiaga, Rodrigo Pemjean, Mª Antonia Fernández Nieto, Andrés Walliser, Miguel Luengo and of course to the director of the thesis Carmen Espegel.

  • 20160109 Joaquin mosquera df_LR

Our PhD lecture!

We are pleased to announce our coming PhD lecture next February 9th at 11.30 am at ETSAM!

Joaquín will talk about his thesis titled “Urban Connectivity in Rem Koolhaas: Megastructure, Elevated Street and Communication Infrastructure, 1968-1989”

The Jury will be formed by: José María Ezquiaga, Andrés Walliser, Rodrigo Pemjean, Antonia Fernández Nieto and Miguel Luengo… If you are free that morning, please come to enjoy  it!


Our participation at the International Workshop UFV-HEPIA (Geneva)

Here you will find some pictures of our participation at the International Workshop organized between the UFV (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria,Madrid) and the HEPIA (Haute école du paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genéve)

We presented a lecture about infrastructures and contemporary cities, and we were part of the Final Jury, together with Gemma Peribáñez (Ezquiaga Arquitectos) and Felipe Samarán (Director of the UFV)

Thanks to the organization for the opportunity!



Today, our presentation at the IV Session of Urban Management

Today, we are participating at the IV Session of Urban Management! It will be held at the Fundación Fernando de Castro, beginning at 5 pm… Here you will find all the information!

Organized by the Urban Habitat Research Group at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, inside the Architecture Week 2014.

The entry is free… We hope you can come!

  • Afiche_conferencia-idearch-LR

Tomorrow, our lecture at the SCA, Buenos Aires: “EMPTINESS AS CENTRAL CONCEPT OF THE PROJECT”

The SCA Architectural Association at Buenos Aires, through the Subcomisión de Concursos and the Centro de Estudios del Hábitat y la Vivienda (CEHyV-FADU-UBA) invite you all to participate in the Lecture that we will give tomorow 17th September at 6 pm in the Auditorium of the SCA, placed at Montevideo 938, CABA.

The title will be “EMPTINESS AS CENTRAL CONCEPT OF THE PROJECT ” and we will talk about some of our last competitions and projects, with special atention to some of the common lines that we have developed. Although working into different questions concerning program, place or scale, certain constant elements appear in their design. The talk will take into consideration the character of project research, fundamental for us, presenting some of these elements, and developing especifically the “emptiness as oportunity” as the core idea of the project.


Organized by the Subcomisión de Concursos – SCA together with the Centro de Estudios del Hábitat y la Vivienda – CEHyV-FADU/UBA

More information:


Exhibitions_Our participation in III Session on Urban Management

For the Architecture Week in Madrid that has just finished, here is our participation in the III Session on Urban Management as our permanent collaboration with the Research Group Urban Habitat at Francisco de Vitoria University. It consisted on the management of all audiovisual aspects of the exhibition and round table. We produced three videos with interviews, photographies and several pieces of videos that we have made during the last months.

These are some images of the event!

Con motivo de la Semana de la Arquitectura que acaba de finalizar, os presentamos nuestra participación en las III Jornadas sobre Gestión Urbana como parte de nuestra permanente colaboración con el Grupo de Investigación Urban Habitat en la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. Consistió en la gestión de todos los aspectos audiovisuales de la exposición y mesa redonda. Produjimos tres videos con entrevistas, fotografías y algunas piezas de videos que hemos estado haciendo durante los últimos meses.

Os dejamos algunas imágenes del evento!

  • Lacalleenelmercado_DSC_6849_LR
  • Lacalleenelmercado_DSC_6850_LR
  • Lacalleenelmercado_DSC_6854_LR
  • Lacalleenelmercado_DSC_6856_LR
  • Lacalleenelmercado_DSC_6861_LR

Exhibitions_Street in the Market

Here are some pictures of #lacalleenelmercado, the event we collaborated with as responsibles of making the exhibited photographies and interviews… Here is the link to the web of Urban Habitat, the Research Group at Francisco de Vitoria University we belong to.

Aquí están algunas imágenes de #lacalleenelmercado, el evento con el que colaboramos como responsables de la realización de las fotografías expuestas y entrevistas… Aquí os dejamos el link a la web de Urban Habitat, el Grupo de Investigación de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria al que pertenecemos.

I International Conference MATERIAL STRATEGIES | Plant Architecture


The Research Group Arquitecturas Ocasionales [AA OO*] at Francisco de Vitoria University organizes the I International Conference MATERIAL STRATEGIES | Plant Architecture. It will be developed the 3rd and 4th October 2013. We can read in their presentation:

“Plants have been widely used as building materials both within different vernacular traditions around the world and as part of more recent proposals that attempt to take advantage of their insulating properties an their low ecological footprint. Within vernacular architecture, the use of plants as building components can be traced from the mudhifs in Irak or the hay reinforcement of rammed earth walls, up to the green roofs of Asturian teitos or Swedish stugas. Now, these vernacular techniques are being rediscoverd and becoming updated in architectural designs that seek to profit from their thermal qualities, their availability and their low enviromental impact.”

  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_01_DSC_1883
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_02_DSC_1896
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_03_DSC_1884
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_04_DSC_1885
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_05_DSC_1894
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_06_DSC_1890
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_07_DSC_1891
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_08_DSC_1892
  • Publication Urban Replay_Architecture_09_DSC_1893

Publications_U(r). Urban Strategies for Social and Spatial Reformulation

This is our new publication! It is a collaboration with Urban Habitat, the Research Group at the UFV University. We have been in charge of all graphic design, photographies and as researchers we have participated with an article called “Architects in cities. Three words for a necessary change in their role and discipline”


Publications_Coexistences. Tomorrow and Tomorrow

We are happy to announce our participation in COEXISTENCES. TOMORROW AND TOMORROW with the article “About the logic of Elevated Streets now. Projected utopia and citizens realism”. The article tries to emphasize the need for a new search of spaces of opportunity in the critical present day; contrary to the idea of architecture as building objects, now what society needs is an architecture that builds processes in infrastructural simultaneity.

“While the built and the solid are now beyond control – subject to political, financial and cultural forces in a perpetual state of flux – the same is not true of the void, perhaps the last subject about which architectural certitudes are still convincing.”
Rem Koolhaas. Urban Planning Competition for New Town of Melun-Sénart, 1987

Flowscapes, a Design Studio at UFV

Hemos inaugurado el curso en la UFV con la presentación de Flowscapes, el taller de proyectos que tiene como objetivo repensar la infraestructura y el paisaje de la desembocadura del Rin en Rotterdam. Será un curso excitante que incluirá ,entre muchas otras cosas, charlas de diversos invitados y un prometedor Workshop que tendrá lugar en colaboración con la Universidad de Delft, donde viajarán los alumnos el próximo Noviembre. Os dejamos el link al blog!

We have presented Flowscapes at the UFV, a Design Studio that has the goal of rethinking infrastructure and landscape of the Rin’s estuary in Rotterdam. We are sure that it will be an exciting experience that will include, among many things, lectures of several guests and a promising Workshop that will take place in collaboration with Delft University, where the students will go next November. Here is the link to the blog!