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HONORABLE MENTION: “Discovering the landscape”


Here is the link with our project that received an HONORABLE MENTION in the Competition for the visitors center of the Camino de Santiago in Castromaior made this summer… We hope you like it!

Made of Talent

Selected for Made of Talent!


We are pleased to announced that we have been selected for the competition Made of Talent, which goal is to find the new faces for young Spanish Talents. We are the only architects selected so far!

It’s very easy! Just click in the link and vote!

Thank you all!


Architecture_Youth Hostel Marcenado

This is our proposal for the project of a youth hostel in Madrid. In this 1st phase, the goal was reinforcing the importance of common spaces, where social relations could prevail over private character of other hostels, being a building dedicated to youth travelers. Color and low-cost materials have been our tools for creating and stablishing differences between spaces, being most of them simple and common, with the goal of the reinforcement of a dynamic and manual character that could relate with the original program of a youth hostel. In a second phase, we will work over dormitory spaces, lunch spaces and kitchens, and play and reading rooms.

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Architecture_Finalists in Lima Housing Tower Competition

Today we are writing to present our awarded project, finalist in the competition for the construction of a housing tower in Lima, Perú, called to become one of the great icons in the city, and done in collaboration with the architecs Elisa Sequeros and Ignacio Senra. The competition, as a negligent organization, has been declared not awarded at the final stage, something included at basis… Regrettably, it seems that still the profession does not have the tools to avoid this acts of vandalism that leave us undefended to people that come sometimes even from our field.

Talking about the project, our proposal consists on a building with a great diversity of uses, understanding that so important is the housing and the common space. This concept is incorporated to the internal private space, exploring the intense relation that an element like this tower can have with urban surroundings. This relation is manifested through great terraces in constant relation with the internal program, becoming the core of the project. From the point of view of the materials, we understood the project as a vertical compilation of horizontal concrete slabs, having perimeter glass surfaces that allow the complete relation with the urban views from every internal space.

Even with the terrible organization, we are proud of it and we hope you like it!

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Architecture_ 1st Prize in COEM Competition!

We are happy to announce that we have won the 1st Prize in the competition for the new Odontology Headquarters in Madrid COAM! The project has been made in collaboration with the architects Daniel Merro and Laia Lafuente, and Ercer.

Here you have some pictures of our project…

  • Visualizations_Les Eglantines_Farini_Exterior
  • Visualizations_Les Eglantines_Farini_Interior

Infografías/Visualizations_Les Eglantines_2nd Prize

More images for FWG architects! This time, Les Eglantines, a 2nd Prize in competition in Switzerland. The program was based on a residence for elderly and disabled people.

Congratulations to the architects!



AGi architects and Bonyan design win the 1st PRIZE in the competition for the GDIS (General Department of the Information System) in Kuwait. We have been in charge of making the video and images for the presentation of the winner team. As we can read in their web: “Building design aims for the clear transmission of a conceptual duality it derives from: technology, innovation and transparency on the one hand versus strength, stability and security, which are inherent to the Ministry of Interior Affairs that will occupying the building, on the other. ” We hope you like it!

AGi architects y Bonyan design ganan el 1er PREMIO en el concurso para el GDIS (General Department of the Information System) en Kuwait. Desde impresiones [de arquitectura] hemos estado al cargo de la realización del video y las imágenes para la presentación del equipo ganador. Como podemos ver en su web: “El diseño del proyecto tiene como objetivo la clara transmisión de la dualidad conceptual que se deriva de: tecnología, innovación y transparencia por un lado versus fuerza, estabilidad y seguridad, inherentes al Ministerio del Interior que ocupará el edificio, por el otro.” Esperamos que os guste!

web of the architects/web de los arquitectos:


Infografías/Visualizations_Creuse Usine a Gaz Nyon

These are some images of our collaboration with FWG architects… It was the Concours VY-Creuse Usine a Gaz Nyon.

Hope you like them!

Proposal for the New Tourism Center in Sevilla

We are proud to present our proposal for the new Tourism Center in Sevilla made in collaboration with de diego & garcia arquitectos slp and levin arquitectura.

The design consisted on a curved surface connecting the pre-existent two levels that was able of creating an open public space and, at the same time, new closed programs that had three different functions: Tapa Museum, Visiting Center and Flamenco Museum.  It deals with the need of creating daily public spaces open to citizens and at the same time a new singular point close to most known city monuments.


Infografías/Visualizations_Malabo School. Guinea Ecuatorial

Visualizations for a school in Malabo. Díaz y Díaz architects.

Infografías/Visualizations_Concurso Juzgados de Pontevedra

Infografías realizadas para el estudio Diaz y Diaz arquitectos + estudio mmasa para su propuesta al Concurso de los Juzgados de Pontevedra.

Visualization in collaboration with Diaz y Diaz architects and mmasa architects for their proposal of the  County Court in Pontevedra.

Infografías/Visualizations_Oficinas en el complejo Rolex en Suiza

Visualizations made in collaboration with Diaz y Diaz architects, invited to the private competition for the new offices for Rolex in the city of Thônex in Switzerland. The project had a curve form using recycled materials like Foam Aluminium, covered with vertical undulating structures that gives the building a strong dynamic image, illuminated with LED.

Infografías realizadas en colaboración con el estudio Diaz y Diaz arquitectos, invitados al concurso para las Oficinas de Rolex en la ciudad de Thônex en Suiza. Se trata de un proyecto curvo con materiales reciclados en fachada como el Aluminio Foam, revestido con lamas verticales y onduladas que dotan al edificio de gran dinamismo, y retroiluminado con LED.

impresiones [de arquitectura], seleccionada en la Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2012

El Vídeo del Museo ABC, que realizamos el pasado mes de Septiembre, ha sido seleccionado en la categoría de publicaciones para competir en la próxima VIII Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo que se celebrará en Cádiz del 10 al 14 de Septiembre. Éste es el enlace al vídeo:

10 proyectos construidos, 38 publicaciones y 12 trabajos de investigación han sido seleccionados para pasar a la fase final, donde competiremos con el resto de 22 países integrantes.
Si queréis ver el listado completo de las obras seleccionadas, aquí os dejamos el enlace a la BIAU…

The Video of the ABC Museum has been selected to compete in the category of Publications in the next VIII BIAU that will be celebrated in Cadiz from 10th to 14th September. This is the link to the video:

10 built projects, 38 publications and 12 researches have been selected to the final review, where will compete with the rest of 22 countries. In case you want to see the whole list of works, here is the link to the BIAU…

CityLIFE Challenge

These are the visualizations we submitted for the CityLife Challenge, the third Architectural Visualization Challenge organized by Ronen Bekerman, which goal was exploring and creating an image about urban way of living, represented in two different seasons.

Concurso IESE. 2º premio. Pablo Carvajal Urquijo arquitecto

Presentamos parte del trabajo realizado para el concurso del IESE, en colaboración con el arquitecto Pablo Carvajal Urquijo. Dicho concurso planteaba el diseño del master plan y el nuevo edificio para Business School, ampliación del actual centro de la conocida escuela de negocios. En dicho concurso participaban arquitectos de la talla de Patxi Mangado o Sancho-Madridejos, ganadores finales. impresiones [de arquitectura] ha sido el encargado de realizar las imágenes y un video virtual de la propuesta.

This is some of the work made for IESE competition, in collaboration with the architect Pablo Carvajal Urquijo. This competition focused on the design of the master plan and the new building for Business School, an extension of the present center of the internationally well-known business school. In this competition, several well-known architects like Patxi Mantado or Sancho-Madridejos, the final winners, participated. impresiones [de arquitectura] was in charge of the visualizations and a virtual video of the proposal.

Concurso Aulario y Biblioteca PUPC, Lima. ProcesosUrbanos.arquitectura

Esta es la imagen que hemos realizado del Aulario y Biblioteca de la Universidad Católica en Lima,  para la oficina ProcesosUrbanos.arquitectura.
El proyecto está modelado en Sketch Up, texturizado y renderizado en Vray 3dmax y la postproducción está hecha con Photoshop y Magic Bullet Photolooks. Si queréis ver el proyecto y el resto de los paneles podeis seguir este enlace a su página de |Facebook|.

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Tullamore Art Centre. Ireland

Daniel Merro, Laia Lafuente, Joaquín Mosquera, Syra Abella

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132 viviendas para la EMVS en “Nuestra Señora de los Angeles 10” [MENCIÓN]

Jorge Muñoz, Marina Cisneros, Joaquín Mosquera, Syra Abella

Obtenemos mención en uno de los proyectos que la EMVS ha sacado a concurso dentro de la colonia “Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles”. El proyecto insiste en una cara Sur aterrazada con un espacio común que es jardín vertical. La imagen trata de expresar la luz y el carácter comunal que este espacio propone para la ciudad.

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FINALISTA concurso de fotografía ATAN 2010

Ciudad y paisaje_Chandigarh, India

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viaje sin infancia_new delhi, india

El III Concurso internacional de fotografía sobre violencia, organizado por la Universidad Internacional Valenciana (VIU) en colaboración con el Centro Reina Sofía, y dedicado en esta tercera edición a los Derechos Humanos, ha recibido más de 500 obras fotográficas de 171 artistas de todo el mundo que plasmaron a través de su arte este grave problema. Entre ellos, la fotografía de Joaquín Mosquera “Viaje sin infancia_New Delhi, India” ha obtenido el TERCER PREMIO.

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concurso de viviendas en camp redo. palma de mallorca

david bravo salva, syra abella bule

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concurso mercado municipal en sanchinarro

espegel-fisac arquitectos

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oficinas en el entorno del ave. zaragoza [TERCER PREMIO]

victor pascual, laura hernández, joaquín mosquera, syra abella

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concurso 245 viviendas en sevilla [PRIMER PREMIO]

de lapuerta + asensio arquitectos asociados

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concurso para a requalificacao do castelo de arrailos. portugal

luis pedro silva, stephanie branco, joaquin mosquera, syra abella

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concurso para espacio público plaza séneca. alicante

david bravo salva, joaquin mosquera casares, syra abella bule

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proyecto viviendas en palma de mallorca                     
david bravo salva

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concurso para estadio de alcalá de guadaira. sevilla

victor pascual, joaquín mosquera, syra abella

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concurso sede del IGVS. orense [ACCÉSIT]

victor pascual, joaquin mosquera, syra abella

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