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Final images for our last housing design… the Duplicated Renovation

We have the final images for our Duplicated Renovation… A recreation of the rooftops of Madrid in a warm wooden interior in an attic renovation in Madrid. The bad existent situation required a complete work in its interior. Contrary to the idea of increasing horizontaly, our project uses existent height to create an elevated space, multiplying uses vertically. Contrasting with the neutral white floor and furniture, the ceiling, stairs and upper space are made by wood, giving a warm character to the interior. The wooden ceiling is the main role of the project, being designed by means of triangular geometries that reminds us to the rooftops of the traditional Madrid that can be seen from the house, breaking the visual frontier between interior and exterior. Main window is made with a double frame made by steel to be used from interior and exterior, being able to go out to a terrace with amazing views over Madrid, this time under a wooden sky.

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