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Last renovation with northern accent!

Today we are showing our last renovation project, still in initial phases. It is a galician singular housing, with garden and guest house that require a whole work, from their facilities to their facades and roof. In the interior, ground floor is destined to allocate common areas, with the two levels living room as the main space, in direct communication with the garden thanks to a large window that breaks the corner of the existent house and introduces garden life to the interior, one of the first goals from the beginning. Fireplace is used as a dividing element, allowing openness and spaceness, but at the same time separating functions like the living and dinning or kitchen.

Wood is chosen as the material that gives warmth to new spaces, contrasting interior life and natural textures to the sober abstract and white box that is the traditional building. Its three floors will be connected by means of the sculptural stair, a great wooden block that breaks vertically the slabs and establish diagonal visual relations among the floors, breaking so the closeness of the previous configuration.

We expect to have the project in a few weeks, and we will tell you the evolution of the construction works!

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