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Tomorrow, our lecture at the SCA, Buenos Aires: “EMPTINESS AS CENTRAL CONCEPT OF THE PROJECT”

The SCA Architectural Association at Buenos Aires, through the Subcomisión de Concursos and the Centro de Estudios del Hábitat y la Vivienda (CEHyV-FADU-UBA) invite you all to participate in the Lecture that we will give tomorow 17th September at 6 pm in the Auditorium of the SCA, placed at Montevideo 938, CABA.

The title will be “EMPTINESS AS CENTRAL CONCEPT OF THE PROJECT ” and we will talk about some of our last competitions and projects, with special atention to some of the common lines that we have developed. Although working into different questions concerning program, place or scale, certain constant elements appear in their design. The talk will take into consideration the character of project research, fundamental for us, presenting some of these elements, and developing especifically the “emptiness as oportunity” as the core idea of the project.


Organized by the Subcomisión de Concursos – SCA together with the Centro de Estudios del Hábitat y la Vivienda – CEHyV-FADU/UBA

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