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Photographies of the Whale House, in Tokyo

Here you can see the result of our last trip to Japan. Because of the finalization of the last two projects by Murashige Architects, we moved to make the photographic reports. In the case of this project that we are showing first, it is a renovation of a singular house of more than 30 years placed in a classical residential area of the outskirts of Tokyo.

One of the special things of this house is its wooden construction, made by the same only carpenter, which made easier obtaining plans and details. At the beginning, clients’ intentions were making the renovation of only one part: the dinning, the bath and other little things. But after analizing the present situation of the structure, interior and general systems, architects planned a full renovation, but under the same low-cost criteria.

“We have eliminated the walls that were not needed and besides that those that divided too much interior spaces with the goal of introduting light inside the house. The work with the rest has been mainly a change of the paper. General systems are decided to be made by commercial ┬ásolutions in order to make it cheaper.

The most important element would be the central void. It was before a japanese room that could not be used by this family just because they wanted to sleep in a regular bed. The form of the void as the back of a whale was born because of the request of the client to keep the closet and at the same time getting the introduction of light. The curved line is decided by the research of the maximun reflection of light, in a deep study of the sun. The same importance has the intention of a usefull space, open to the whole family.”

Here is the link with the full report!

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