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Photography_Cafe Sacai, Tokyo

Here you will find our photography report of the Cafe Sacai, by Murashige Architects… from our last visit to the always surprising Tokyo!

As the architect tell us:

Sacai is the word for earth and means border in japanese. Our goal is experimenting with the charm of the ambiguity of sacai and also visualizating the broad time of this cafe.”

The main points that the architect emphasizes:

-The volume was directed by the JR (Japan Railway), with openness in the north face, where public area was decided to be placed. The area is 80 m² with a height of 2.7 m.

-The structure is made in steel. It tries to be as light as possible, working with interior materials and furniture so that all can be understood as layers from outside. Everything was organized by fraction and multiplicity of structural dimension.

-Everything is designed so that the internal space can be perceived with the maximum openness. The frames and the joints are designed as low as possible, and the furniture is selected depending on the height. The windows design is thought to be large and with the same criteria as structure.

We hope you like it!

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